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Leaders' pack

The Make It Count project recognised the significance of leadership (Aboriginal educators, community leaders, the principal, executive leaders, critical friends, Make It Count school and cluster coordinators and teachers) in addressing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student improvement in mathematics outcomes.  

A Leaders' Pack is under development and will be available in the first part of 2014.

The Make it Count Leaders' Pack is designed to provide school principals with a framework from which to drive school improvement. It reflects the Australian Professional Standard for Principals and can be used in parallel with the Make It Count online resource.

The seven components of the course are:

  1. Principaling: Best teaching of mathematics
  2. Leading teaching and learning of mathematics
  3. Developing self and others as mathematics leaders
  4. Leading mathematics innovation and change
  5. Managing mathematics education within the school
  6. Engaging and working with the school community
  7. Principaling research and resources.

The Pack will be available as an iTunesU course. Click here if you would like to receive notice when the Make it Count Leaders Pack becomes available.