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Cluster findings

These Make it Count Cluster Findings have been aligned with the Australian Professional Standards for Teaching. Many of the findings derive from Significant Episodes for educators. Find out about the cluster's intentions and the important stories its educators - their Signficant Episodes - that impacted their teaching.

Cluster finding 2.3: Contexts

Know how mathematics links to contexts beyond the classroom so it can be taught through rich, life-like activities.

Cluster finding 3.4: Resilience

Explicitly help learners develop and maintain positive attitudes to mathematics. Develop positive dispositions, resilience, and skills that equip learners to solve problems whatever the context.

Cluster finding 3.5: Framework

Have a theoretically informed framework that enables teachers to plan authentic and meaningful learning with the flexibility to take advantage of “teachable moments”. Be aware that a research-based, locally tailored program that is flexible and responsive to local contexts and students delivers higher outcomes than imported commercial programs.

Cluster finding 3.6: Student voice

Realise that responsive mathematics pedagogy builds on student voice, recognition of diverse ways of learning mathematics and connection to worlds beyond the classroom (both local and non-local).

Cluster finding 6.5: Adapt

Foster the openness and courage necessary for a school to adapt diverse models to your school’s unique model, based on common beliefs and values.