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Cluster focus

What teaching and learning strategies need to be implemented to enhance the mathematics learning outcomes of Aboriginal students in, Kindergarten to Year 3- Early Stage 1 to Stage 1?

The focus question targeted a range of student ages, 5 to 8, for the project.

  1. How does gathering purposeful data about Aboriginal students beginning school/ transitioning help shape their mathematical learning experiences?
  2. How can teacher mathematical and numeracy knowledge support Aboriginal students learning outcomes?
  3. How can Aboriginal students be engaged in their mathematics learning through the use of technology?
  4. How is the quality teaching framework used to enhance Aboriginal students with achieving learning outcomes?
  5. How does the school community relationships program lead towards educational engagement and enhance Aboriginal students learning outcomes?
  6. How does the school develop a ‘hub’ and support Aboriginal children in their health/ welfare as it supports achieving their numeracy learning outcomes?

Why we did it

The intention was to implement the project and to grow the focus on:

  • teacher professional development
  • cultural competency and
  • Aboriginal numeracy learning outcomes across the stages.

How we did it

Each of the three schools generated a school-based emphasis that reflected the cluster’s overall focus:


Each school was able to identify the key findings for their school and community context which then, in turn, fed into six key overall cluster findings: