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Significant episodes

A Significant Episode is an event, or a small series of linked events, that has impacted on educators professionally and has helped develop or change the way they teach and think about teaching. These Significant Episodes provided rich data for the Make It Count Cluster Findings.

Below is a list of all of the Significant Episodes from the eight Clusters. Each story is also provided in PDF format for download and has focus questions to prompt discussions amongst educators.

To find out how to use Significant Episodes to inform your teaching, click here. To view the Signficant Episodes aligned to the Cluster Findings, click here.

8ways learning map

“In bestowing this name, it gave authenticity to our Make It Count project and enhanced community engagement.” 

Accelerating learning

"Each boy has had individual conversations with their teacher and both admitted that whilst they could have and should have worked harder first semester, they have both given a commitment to achieve a higher standard this semester."

A change in how I taught

“It was scary to start doing that. It was completely different to any pedagogy or methodology I’d done before. On the other hand, I wanted to do something different because I found what I was doing with my 5-6-7 class last year wasn’t successful.”

A shift from comfort

“What I found over time was that the development of this strong sense of number and an understanding of how to manipulate its parts, may have been the stumbling block for many of the middle primary students I used to teach."

Big day out: Culture and maths come together I

"...think about making connections between maths and culture."

Big day out: Culture and maths come together II

"I believe that with Indigenous ways learning, everything is tied together rather than the compartmentalised Western concept which puts maths here, and English over there..."

Teacher-student connection

“It was not just the quality of the questions that impacted on learning but the spread of questions to children in the class and the types of questions being asked.”

Chocolate cake

"The key outcome for me was the power of a meaningful and conceptually relevant context for investigating mathematical ideas."

Collaborative planning

“Collaborative planning needs to be a focus for the future.”


"Students and parents gave positive feedback about the impact the project has had..."