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Significant episodes

A Significant Episode is an event, or a small series of linked events, that has impacted on educators professionally and has helped develop or change the way they teach and think about teaching. These Significant Episodes provided rich data for the Make It Count Cluster Findings.

Below is a list of all of the Significant Episodes from the eight Clusters. Each story is also provided in PDF format for download and has focus questions to prompt discussions amongst educators.

To find out how to use Significant Episodes to inform your teaching, click here. To view the Signficant Episodes aligned to the Cluster Findings, click here.

I barely had to say a word!

"I will never forget the light bulb I saw appear above her head! And I barely had to say a word."

Leading change

“Devoting specific time in department meetings to focus on teaching and to share lesson ideas.”

Leading from the middle I

“A simple yet powerful shift in the style of teaching now includes a questioning technique... as a way to properly and effectively engage students.”...

Leading from the middle II

“During the implementation, staff followed an ‘I do’, ‘We do’, ‘You do’ philosophy to demonstrate the process in a variety of contexts to encourage students to at least attempt the questions.”

Mad maths Monday

“I could not believe how a bit of responsibility given to the boys transformed how they acted within the group. It was a great thing to witness.”

Moment in maths

 "They take my lessons to places I had not thought of..."

My 'cultural competency'

“It highlighted to me...how important it is to share the history and culture of Indigenous Australia.”

Using narrative to help solve problems

“His stories created a great narrative for problem solving and engaged all students. Narrative is a strong way to connect with students and creates a context for solving problems.”

Never give up

“In the classroom context, the more resilient the student the more able they are to learn.”

Peer to peer

“Student engagement, particularly with students who struggle with maths, has improved significantly.”