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Professional Practice

Teachers are able to make learning engaging and valued. They are able to creat and maintain safe, inclusive and challenging elarning environments and implement fair and equitable behaviour management plans...Teachers have a repertoire of effective teaching strategies and use them to implement well-designed teaching programs and lessons...They operate effectively at all stages of the teaching and learning cycle...(AITSL)

Standard 3: Plan

Plan for and implement responsive mathematics pedagogy for Indigenous learners that is culturally, academically and socially inclusive: be intentional, be responsive, be effective. All students will benefit.

Standard 4: Environment

Create and maintain learning environments in which Indigenous learners feel safe and supported: be sensitive, be demanding, be supportive.

Standard 5: Assess

Develop and use tools that assess both affective and cognitive learning outcomes specific to Indigenous learners, provide feedback, and report on student learning: be constructive, be clear, be flexible.