5. Assess

Standard 5: Assess

Develop and use tools that assess both affective and cognitive learning outcomes specific to Indigenous learners, provide feedback, and report on student learning: be constructive, be clear, be flexible.

Each of the Cluster Findings has examples of Cluster people 'in action' - such as teacher stories - which bring the Cluster Findings to life. A PDF of each story can also be downloaded.

Cluster finding 5.1: Reflection

Use a reflective planning model – plan the lesson, teach the lesson, refine the lesson. Preview the effectiveness of the learning and allow this to shape the next lesson.

Cluster finding 5.2: Misconceptions

Recognise and act on students’ mathematical misconceptions.

Cluster finding 5.3: Metacognition

Help students recognise what they know well, what they need help with and what they still need to learn.

Cluster finding 5.4: Feedback

Provide feedback that is timely and promotes success in future learning.