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Professional reading

The following list provides resources, papers and articles supporting the work of Make It Count.


Make It Count and the Kimberley Success Zone

AAMT Special Interest Conference 2013 Numeracy, mathematics and Indigenous learners

Also developed from the five themes emerging from the conference: 5 x Tip Sheets
  1. Community and school engagement pdf 592 kB
  2. Leadership for school change pdf 640 kB
  3. Pedagogy and classroom practices pdf pdf 640 kB
  4. Research pdf 730 kB
  5. Professional learning pdf 800 kB.

MERGA Conference 2012

MERGA/AAMT Conference 2011 Traditions and (New) Practices

  • Making a difference for Indigenous Children by Chris Hurst, Tracey Armstrong and Maranne Young
  • Collaborative project evaluation: The role and practicalities in context by Pep Serow, Rosemary Callingham, Helen Forgasz, Vince Geiger, Merrilyn Goos and Gilah Leder

Other conference papers