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Make It Count 2009-2012

Make It Count is an initiative that has developed evidence based, responsive mathematics pedagogies and resources to improve the learning outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners across Australia. Eight clusters of schools across regional and urban Australia participated in the project

Make It Count uses a common language and understanding that enables whole school communities to work together to improve mathematics pedagogies. Make It Count focuses on building the capacity of school communities to maximise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students' learning in mathematics and development of numeracy through: 

  • Developing in teachers high expectations of themselves and of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.
  • Taking specific actions to find out the mathematics Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students know, and using this to inform teaching and learning.
  • Knowing students’ cultural and home backgrounds and associated mathematical and numeracy practices and building on these to engage students in learning mathematics at school.
  • Giving students opportunities to make decisions about learning of mathematics.
  • Actively fostering positive attitudes towards mathematics, and building Indigenous students’ confidence in themselves as mathematicians.

Make It Count is about:

  1. Analysing evidence about student performance, using school-based, state and national data. 
  2. Developing a shared understanding of student data and the established targets for improvement. 
  3. Developing strategies and processes to monitor progress.  
  4. Regularly reviewing and refining pedagogies in response to student achievement.
  5. Providing teachers and students with the support and resources they need to meet established targets. 
  6. Engaging parents in supporting the school’s priorities, promoting shared expectations for student achievement, and celebrating success together.

Make It Count is now uniquely placed to work with schools around Australia on mathematics and numeracy learning of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

If your school or cluster of schools would like to work more closely with Make It Count in using this online resource, click 2pager-red copy to find out how. 

For more information about the project or for a copy of the Make It Count final report, please contact Caty Morris e: cmorris@aamt.edu.au; p: 08  8363 0288 / 0432 277 654.

About the project people

There have been many people involved in Make it Count over the four years (2009 - 2012) which have contributed to its success.

Publications and statements

Professional Learning Communities

 Make it count has formed and dynamic network of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) that at school, cluster, cross-cluster and national levels to support improved learning outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in mathematics and numeracy.

Other resources

During the the Make It Count project 2009 - 2012 a number of resources, papers, articles etc were used, accessed or supported and many of these are listed below.


From time to time Make it count will be publishing newsletters about the project and matters relating to numeracy, mathematics and Indigenous learners. If you believe you have something to contribute please contact the Project Manager.