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1. Alberton

The Alberton Cluster is made up of three urban schools in Adelaide, South Australia (links go to school site):

Alberton Primary School is the Key School in the cluster. Both Alberton Primary and Oceanview College are situated in the western suburbs of Adelaide, with Northfield Primary located in the north western suburbs of Adelaide.

Alberton PS has an enrolment of 245 students with 32% Indigenous.  Ocean View College is a Birth - Year 12 school with 790 students of which 12% are Indigenous and Northfield PS has 300 students with 11% Indigenous enrolment.

Take a quick tour of the Cluster Key School, Alberton:

Cluster focus

What is the role of mathematisation and contextualisation in developing mathematical resilience and promoting transfer of learning among Aboriginal students?

Cluster findings

These Make it Count Cluster Findings have been aligned with the Australian Professional Standards for Teaching. Many of the findings derive from Significant Episodes for educators. Find out about the cluster's intentions and the important stories its educators - their Signficant Episodes - that impacted their teaching.

Units of learning

These units of learning have been designed by teachers. They give insights into creative and innovative ways of teaching mathematics that engages Indigenous (and non-Indigenous) learners.

Inspiring stories

These stories – from the clusters, from educators, Aboriginal students, leaders and parents – tell their journeys, challenges, successes and will inspire educators. They will help you think about your own experiences in the classroom, school and community and inform your teaching.