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Significant episodes

A Significant Episode is an event, or a small series of linked events, that has impacted on educators professionally and has helped develop or change the way they teach and think about teaching. These Significant Episodes provided rich data for the Make It Count Cluster Findings.

Below is a list of all of the Significant Episodes from the eight Clusters. Each story is also provided in PDF format for download and has focus questions to prompt discussions amongst educators.

To find out how to use Significant Episodes to inform your teaching, click here. To view the Signficant Episodes aligned to the Cluster Findings, click here.


“There was a sense of excitement as they grasped the concept, and so we then used the concept to estimate how long it would take a radioactive substance to break down completely, and this lead to some interesting answers..."


“In the best interests of the program, one teacher would be assigned this role to ensure relationships between staff, students and parents could be maintained.”

Sharing our passion

“Have a focused, structured approach to what you want to achieve as a team and establish common core values and attitudes.“

Students as teachers

“Year 7 students gained a great deal by having to explain the concepts to someone else, and the Year 5 students clearly appreciated learning from an older peer.”

Student voice

"It also brought out my passion for teaching as the students' excitement was infectious.”

Supporting others

"Student A was highly engaged in the lesson and moved to writing multiplication facts."

Teaching collaboratively

“Mandy and I enjoyed working together and both enthusiastically committed to continue and develop what we had initiated."...

The Orange 8ways learning map

“It’s better to feel it because you can feel how many sides it has but on the sheet of number you can only see it”...

There is a boy

“For J (student) to come from never attempting his maths challenge to completing it independently was a very significant event for me.”

Whole site commitment

"Our teachers understood the importance of positive relationships with their learners and we had set an expectation with all of "Aiming High and Achieving Together".