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Cluster findings

These Make it Count Cluster Findings have been aligned with the Australian Professional Standards for Teaching. Many of the findings derive from Significant Episodes for educators. Find out about the cluster's intentions and the important stories its educators - their Signficant Episodes - that impacted their teaching.

Cluster finding 1.3: Collaboration

Know that learners may prefer to collaborate rather than compete in their mathematics learning.

Cluster finding 3.7: Kinaesthetic

Use kinaesthetic pedagogical practices as a point of entry to abstract mathematics knowledge.

Cluster finding 3.8: Pathways

Include multiple pathways and approaches to learning that allow students to investigate a range of mathematical concepts and methods and strategies.

Cluster finding 4.2: Expectations

Hold and convey high expectations of learners – and of yourself as a teacher of Indigenous learners.

Cluster finding 5.3: Metacognition

Help students recognise what they know well, what they need help with and what they still need to learn.

Cluster finding 6.1: Approach

Have a focused, structured approach to what you want to achieve as a team and establish common core values and attitudes.

Cluster finding 6.4: Action learning

Participate in action learning or research where you design, act, observe and reflect. This involves examining data to determine current progress and future planning.