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How we did it

Throughout the project, teachers were engaged in cycles of action research and were closely supported by the Cluster Critical Friend, Associate Professor Peter Grootenboer from Griffith University.

This was about:

  • Observing and analysing our own teaching through video
  • Observing each other and providing feedback
  • Implementing new techniques such as student whiteboards
  • Maintaining good pedagogy and continuous PD
  • Keeping high expectations of all students.

We set about to discover what mathematics Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students know, and used this to inform teaching and learning through:

  • Analysis of past NAPLAN results, OLSAT results and primary school data
  • Identifying individual and class  weaknesses to focus learning outcomes
  • Targeting mathematical language
  • Teacher observation.

View the two presentations below to see what and how schools went about their work.