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Cluster findings

These Make it Count Cluster Findings have been aligned with the Australian Professional Standards for Teaching. Many of the findings derive from Significant Episodes for educators. Find out about the cluster's intentions and the important stories its educators - their Signficant Episodes - that impacted their teaching.

Cluster finding 1.2: Significance

Know what is significant in the daily, lived reality of learners so mathematics learning can be culturally relevant/connected as well as academically rigorous.

Cluster finding 3.2: Learning goal

Practice explicit and scaffolded teaching with a defined and planned learning goal for each lesson that is shared with students to orient them to the learning.

Cluster finding 3.6: Student voice

Realise that responsive mathematics pedagogy builds on student voice, recognition of diverse ways of learning mathematics and connection to worlds beyond the classroom (both local and non-local).

Cluster finding 3.9: Narrative

Use narrative and discussion to allow students to feel personally connected to the mathematics.

Cluster finding 4.3: Confidence

Remember that mastery of a skill in mathematics produces the confidence and enthusiasm to master further skills – a cycle that can be nurtured to produce exponential growth.

Cluster finding 6.6: Self-reflection

Focus on the development of critical self-reflection so you are more able to actively challenge deficit views and assumptions you and others may have about Indigenous learners and their communities.

Cluster finding 7.3: Beliefs

Challenge commonly held beliefs about mathematics as following a curriculum, or as culture-free. Promote mathematics as a living human endeavour that is part of the fabric of everyday life.