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1.4 Relationships

Inspiring stories

These stories – from the clusters, from educators, Aboriginal students, leaders and parents – tell their journeys, their challenges, their successes and will other inspire educators. They will help you think about your own experiences in the classroom, school and community and inform your teaching.

What we got from our work

“By me seeing their work individually and building a relationship with them, their confidence grows. They are prepared to be wrong with me, but not with the rest of the class.”

Case study

“...families...saw education, including mathematics education, as a route to success in adult life.”

Maths teacher collaborative pedagogy project

“...opportunity to learn new pedagogies which will become part of the way we teach maths at Claver.”

Action learning cycles

“...this experience provided the spark for the teachers to look at how we can improve our pedagogy.”

About the Nerang cluster critical friend

"There is no doubt that Peter’s presence as critical friend has greatly enhanced the opportunities for teachers to grow and develop as professionals."