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Inspiring stories

These stories – from the clusters, from educators, Aboriginal students, leaders and parents – tell their journeys, their challenges, their successes and will other inspire educators. They will help you think about your own experiences in the classroom, school and community and inform your teaching.

Highly scaffolded teaching

“The role of teachers is to understand and find out what the students in their class already know, and then take them from the familiar to the unfamiliar, from commonsense to the new ways of thinking.”

Growing confident through language

"She is now very confident in asking for help or in answering questions and is always eager to share her thinking and successes in mathematics."

Mathematics which engages

“I noticed immediate results in student engagement.”

Whole of site commitment I

“Questioning throughout the lesson allowed the teacher to ascertain student understanding and change course when needed.”

Whole of site commitment II

“The lesson sequences were continually trialled and refined."