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6.0 Professional Learning

Standard 6: Professional learning

Engage with colleagues in professional learning communities in ongoing, action oriented, professional learning.

Each of the Cluster Findings has examples of Cluster people 'in action' - such as teacher stories - which bring the Cluster Findings to life. A PDF of each story can also be downloaded.

Cluster finding 6.1: Approach

Have a focused, structured approach to what you want to achieve as a team and establish common core values and attitudes.

Cluster finding 6.2: Expertise

Share expertise between schools to grow and enrich professional learning communities.

Cluster finding 6.3: Feedback

Be both a mentor and a learner, as the act of giving and receiving feedback establishes safe, respectful relationships conducive to critical engagement and change.

Cluster finding 6.4: Action learning

Participate in action learning or research where you design, act, observe and reflect. This involves examining data to determine current progress and future planning.

Cluster finding 6.5: Adapt

Foster the openness and courage necessary for a school to adapt diverse models to your school’s unique model, based on common beliefs and values.

Cluster finding 6.6: Self-reflection

Focus on the development of critical self-reflection so you are more able to actively challenge deficit views and assumptions you and others may have about Indigenous learners and their communities.

Cluster finding 6.7 Collaborate

Focus on a specific area of professional learning and collaborate through professional relationships on a common goal.

Cluster finding 6.8: Research

Develop pedagogy through site-based, whole-school, collegial, data-driven professional learning that builds on a strong established research base. For teachers, lesson observation and feedback is at the heart of sharing professional knowledge.

Cluster finding 6.9: Improvement

Engage critically with external resources to gauge their appropriateness and relevance for Indigenous learners and compatibility with your aspirations for pedagogical improvement.