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1. Know Learners

Standard 1: Know learners

Know Indigenous learners and know how they learn: be aware, be connected, be sensitive.

Each of the Cluster Findings has examples of Cluster people 'in action' - such as teacher stories - which bring the Cluster Findings to life. A PDF of each story can also be downloaded.

Cluster finding 1.1: Community

Know that a sense of community and belonging is a powerful vehicle for engagement in learning.

Cluster finding 1.2: Significance

Know what is significant in the daily, lived reality of learners so mathematics learning can be culturally relevant/connected as well as academically rigorous.

Cluster finding 1.3: Collaboration

Know that learners may prefer to collaborate rather than compete in their mathematics learning.

Cluster finding 1.4: Relationships

Know that fostering relationships grouned in genuine care and respect are essentail to engagement.

Cluster finding 1.5: Individual

Know that each student is an individual and has his or her own preferences for learning.