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Dani Upton
Hebersham Primary School
Dharug Cluster


Finding 4.1: Connections
Recognise that learning happens most effectively when relationships between learners and teachers are positive, and when connections between family and school are mutually supportive.

Throughout our Make It Count journey we, the Make It Count team, have identified that relationships have played a major part in the successful implementation of the ‘Monday Maths Mob’ program. One of the key components to being able to successfully implement the ‘Monday Maths Mob’ program has been the development of relationships.

As depicted in the diagram (below), relationships refer to relationships with staff, students and parents. Within each circle it is clear how relationships work within in each sector as well as how these relationships intertwine.

The diagram shows the interconnections between relationships, as well as some of the most significant moments highlighting the impact of relationships on learning...


Diagram: Interconnections of relationships, Dharug Cluster 2012




















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