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Good news stories

Cluster Story

Swan Cluster

Following is a group of snapshots from the Cluster’s teachers, Aboriginal educators, education assistants and leaders.

Comments from the classroom
Moorditj teacher :

As a class teacher, I have completely changed my teaching style. Previously, I worked from a WA Maths text book and just worked through it. I understand the subject far more, use different language and as a consequence there is far more activity and hands-on work happening. Children are now choosing mathematical games and activities to do in their free time.

Moorditj teacher:
Children in pre-primary have a strong understanding of ‘friends of ten’ and several are filling in hundred charts showing an understanding of the patterns in columns and rows”.

Moorditj teacher:

Repetitive writing and counting on a daily basis has given Kindergarten children an understanding of number names and order at a far earlier stage than previously.

Swan View - education assistant working in GIRN’s (Getting It Ready in Numeracy) class

We were doing partitioning activities building towers with unifix cubes to show dif- ferent partitioning of small numbers. Each coloured cube had a different value e.g. white =1, blue =2, green =3. The students were asked to build a tower worth the value of 6 and they had to record their partitions. A group of five or six students working with the EA did not grasp the different values associated with the blocks, and Donna thought to draw dots on the blocks to show their worth. The students then completed the task successfully. This showed initiative, knowledge about matching quantities and numerals and how important it is. It also showed confidence in her belief to assist the children with their mathematical understanding in a positive manner...


Good news story

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