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Calare Primary School
Orange Cluster

The continuation of the Homework Centre and Maths Homework Packs has continued to encourage students to do their homework and provided an opportunity for further explanation and practice of skills being taught in the classroom. It has also continued to be an important place for Aboriginal students to have contact with other Aboriginal students and an Aboriginal mentor/teacher.

Teachers have reported that students attending the Homework Centre are more likely to hand in their weekly homework and have an increased confidence in the classroom in the skills explored in their homework. The Homework Packs have also proved successful with children commenting on how they are ‘fun’ and parents commenting on how they have enjoyed playing the games with their children at home. Parents have also commented on how siblings are playing the games together at home with older children teaching skills to the younger children.


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Finding 4.5: Role models
Promote successful role models of learners and mathematicians, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, to raise expectations and contribute to improving levels of student engagement and attendance.


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