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My experiences with Maths Mob

Educator story

Maninder Kaur
Doonside Primary School
Dharug Cluster

Since my affiliation with the Make it Count project, my passion to help all students, particularly Aboriginal students learn Mathematics has intensified. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to be involved in the project and, as a result, Maths Mob was born. Conferencing with our critical friend, Dr Peter Howard, and other members of the Dharug cluster has deepened my understanding of how Aboriginal students learn mathematics and the key factors that can make significant impact on their learning.

I am constantly looking out for new ideas, new games, more resources, any meaningful context that would stimulate, engage and excite them. It is my firm belief that if this happens, all students have the potential to achieve their personal best.

My experience with Maths Mob has been very rewarding as all students in the cohort now confidently say that they love mathematics, they enjoy being part of the group, and they have no fear of failure in Maths Mob.

This is just the beginning of a wonderful journey. There is still a lot of work to be done – more parental involvement, strengthening the home- school partnership, more cultural awareness, understanding of individual student needs and ultimately enabling all these wonderful students to succeed in their learning!


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Finding 3.13: All benefit
Recognise that the most effective practices for Indigenous students are also of benefit to all students; so avoid segregation of mathematics curriculum.

My experiences with Maths Mob

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