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My perceptions of the Make it Count project

Educator story

Danielle Tsmilikis
Alberton Primary School
Alberton Cluster

As a beginning teacher the Make It Count program is both exciting and challenging from my perspective.

It is challenging from the view that I have only just recently stepped into the role as the middle primary literacy and numeracy teacher and have had such limited time to have a greater understanding of the Make It Count program. However, with the support that I have received, particularly from Laura, I believe that I have the confidence to continue with the program within the limited time frame.

During my first week of the role, I observed the students (working with) the topic that they were working on with their previous teacher. I noticed that the students and previous teacher had built a strong foundation together throughout their environmental program. I believed that continuing with this program with a new teacher was going to hinder both their learning and the classroom environment. The decision to break away from the area of the environment to a topic that they would feel comfortable with was ideal. The students voted on an area that they wanted to learn about and this has not only helped each student engage in activities with enthusiasm but has also helped develop a stronger and safer classroom environment.

In my observations, I believe that enthusiasm from both teachers and students towards numeracy is the key to this program being successful at Alberton Primary School. A school that I was working at previously, students and teachers lacked the passion and enthusiasm towards numeracy. I noticed the students during maths were almost ‘robotic’ in the sense that they were learning mathematics from a text book or through closed activities and were not given the opportunities to apply their mathematics contextually.

The numeracy program at Alberton Primary School is a complete contrast to that of my previous school. Teachers are enthusiastic about their teaching which encourages students to be the same towards their learning. I have found by talking to numerous students within this school that they thoroughly enjoy numeracy as they are learning it through sports, science, design, cooking or visual arts. The teachers here have so much to offer that students want to do more than just the one stream. It is exciting to see just how engaged and committed students are to their learning in numeracy. I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in this program even if it was for such a short period of time. I believe that I already have gained many new skills and insights that I would like to continue with this throughout my professional teaching career.


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Finding 2.4: Attitudes
Know that as a mathematician establishing a community of practice in the classroom, your attitudes and beliefs about mathematics impact learners.

My perceptions of the Make It Count project

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