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Leader inspiring stories


“I have learned about the importance of relationships between not only individual schools and their community but also between similar schools.”

Highly scaffolded teaching

“The role of teachers is to understand and find out what the students in their class already know, and then take them from the familiar to the unfamiliar, from commonsense to the new ways of thinking.”

About the Nerang cluster critical friend

"There is no doubt that Peter’s presence as critical friend has greatly enhanced the opportunities for teachers to grow and develop as professionals."

Whole of site commitment II

“The lesson sequences were continually trialled and refined."

Action learning cycles

“...this experience provided the spark for the teachers to look at how we can improve our pedagogy.”

Whole of site commitment I

“Questioning throughout the lesson allowed the teacher to ascertain student understanding and change course when needed.”

Developing culturally responsive pedagogy

“One of the most exciting outcomes has been...the development of Quality Teaching strategies and a Culturally Responsive  Pedagogy.”