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8ways at Orange Primary School

Parent, Family and Community Story

Orange Primary School
Orange Cluster

Parents have taken an active and specific role in the development of the Cluster’s 8ways approach and the development of stronger partnerships. The following statements come from a community leader and parent at a Yarn Up:

One parent observed:

  • It has been a long process trying to get Aboriginal people involved in decision making in the schools. I have noticed at AECG (Aboriginal education consultative group) meetings that there is a change in people’s involvement. I’ve worked with the Commonwealth government for 20 years, and the biggest problem has always been getting parents involved. I see that Make it Count and 8ways has brought benefit to my son. Just taking him up town to do the groceries, I get him to count out the potatoes, and that progression is really good.

Other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parent comments:

  • My daughter is now in the highest maths group in Year 6. I’d like to go in a classroom with some other kids, because she’s been given a lot and now I’d like to give a bit extra.
  • We like how it is hands-on learning.
  • I find the kids enjoy the hands-on approach. They were talking at home about measuring a bed with a square of paper. They enjoy maths so much more now.My daughter shares things out at home, divides things by how many people need items and so on.
  • My son has gotten up at an assembly and talked. He seems more confident. He has adapted to the maths program quite well.
  • It’s not only the maths that is good, but the one on one quality time, letting the kids know they are cared for. Our daughter is approaching everything with a lot more ease because she has a bit of a push behind her, with the support thanks to Marj, and she is excelling. We can see major changes over two years. The Yarn Up helps her get more confident in giving her opinion on things.


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Finding 7.4: Opportunities
Provide the community with opportunities to have voice and ownership and make decisions about curriculum to ensure that learning experiences have family and community significance.

8ways at Orange Primary School

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