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Early years

Unit A3: Why use stories?

Early Years  All ACM Strands, Julie Noble, Northfield Primary School, Alberton Cluster

Unit D1: Warnayarra the Rainbow Snake; Aboriginal Australia Map; 2012 Olympics; Totems

Early Years K–2  Number and Algebra, Blackett PS, Dharug Cluster

Unit D3: Metalanguage and Thinking Mat

Early Years–Primary Years  Number and Algebra, Doonside PS, Dharug Cluster

Unit D4: Monday Maths Mob

Early Years: Kindergarten Number and Algebra, Dani Upton, Hebersham PS, Dharug Cluster

Unit D5: Koori Club

Early Years–Primary Years K-6  Various ACM Strands and Proficiencies, Matt McFarlane, Hebersham PS, Dharug Cluster

Unit NO1: Trusting the count

Early Years  Number and Algebra Noarlunga Cluster

Unit O1: Fractions

Early Years 1-2  Number and Algebra, Orange Public School, Orange Cluster

Unit O2: Addition

Early Years: Kindergarten Number and Algebra  Early Stage 1, Orange Cluster, Orange Public School DET NSW