> Unit NE6

Unit NE6: Volume and Surface Area Task

Middle Years 10  Measurement and Geometry, Benjamin Potts, Nerang Cluster

An investigative task with reference to fluency and understanding, understanding and problem solving, and reasoning and communication. Includes extended and accelerated maths options.

Click to download Unit NE6: Volume and Surface Area Task (DOCX 2.5MB).


     1.  Select a Group to work with of 2 or 3 people.
     2.  You have been working in class to calculate the greatest volume possible from a box made from one sheet of A4 paper.

You have learnt how to:
  • Calculate surface area
  • Calculate volume
  • Use Excel – tables and graphs
  • Analyse graphs
  • Justify answers
  • Write conclusions
  • Solve to find the optimal answer.

     3.  Use all your knowledge/skills to solve the following problem
     4.  Be sure to keep a copy/photo/record of all of your attempts.

Design Task

  • Coka Kola has decided to release a new size of soft drink can to meet the needs of younger people.
  • Their research indicates the best volume will be 240 mL. 
  • The manager insists on a cylinder as this is easiest for the machinery, but any size is possible.
  • As the design team for Coka Kola you have to design the can size.
  • The finance team insists on you coming up with the most economical design possible.
  • The cans are made from sheet metal which costs $45/m2.