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Cluster findings

These Make it Count Cluster Findings have been aligned with the Australian Professional Standards for Teaching. Many of the findings derive from Significant Episodes for educators. Find out about the cluster's intentions and the important stories its educators - their Signficant Episodes - that impacted their teaching.

Cluster finding 1.5: Individual

Know that each student is an individual and has his or her own preferences for learning.

Cluster finding 4.1: Connections

Recognise that learning happens most effectively when relationships between learners and teachers are positive, and when connections between family and school are mutually supportive.

Cluster finding 4.6: Cross-age

Use older students as mentors for younger students as this improves the mathematical understanding of both.

Cluster finding 6.1: Approach

Have a focused, structured approach to what you want to achieve as a team and establish common core values and attitudes.

Cluster finding 7.2: Families

Work with Indigenous education officers as they can be critical to building strong connections, resilience and trust between schools and their communities and families. Ensure they have a central role in curriculum development.