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Educators in Action [1.2]

Inspiring stories

These stories – from the clusters, from educators, Aboriginal students, leaders and parents – tell their journeys, their challenges, their successes and will other inspire educators. They will help you think about your own experiences in the classroom, school and community and inform your teaching.


“I have learned about the importance of relationships between not only individual schools and their community but also between similar schools.”

Good news story

"I thought 'what have I got myself into?' and was totally intimidated by Peter. His questioning did nothing for my confidence, but it made me realize I should be able to answer his questions."

My experiences with Maths Mob

“...my passion to help all students, particularly Aboriginal students learn has intensified.”

Developing culturally responsive pedagogy

“One of the most exciting outcomes has been...the development of Quality Teaching strategies and a Culturally Responsive  Pedagogy.”

A personal reflection

“I often used to use the ‘old ways’ of doing maths.” 

Dani discusses her professional development in Make it Count

"In Make it Count Mona and I continue to engage regularly in discussions about the effectiveness of the lessons we collaboratively plan both from an academic perspective and from a cultural perspective.”