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Good news story

Leader story

Mrs Jenny H
Assistant Principal
Dharug Cluster


  • Began teaching in 1979 in Mt Druitt area of western Sydney. Taught here for 5 years before resigning my position.
  • During 1992-4 worked as a casual teacher in Penrith district.
  • 1995 returned to permanent work again in Mt Druitt area working across K-6.
  • 2006 appointed to Blackett PS as AP, supervising and teaching across K-6.

How we became involved in Make It Count

Early in term 1 2011, the Principal at Hebersham PS – cluster leader school, rang and invited Blackett PS to join the project. I had previously worked with Principal at Colyton PS and highly valued her educational philosophy and did not hesitate to become involved.

I initially met with the cluster leader and Peter Howard (critical friend) about the overview of the project. I must admit, I thought “What have I got myself into?” and was totally intimidated by Peter. His questioning did nothing for my confidence, but it made me realize I should be able to answer his questions.

The professional learning for me at this point was immense. The issue was, I didn’t have any idea about the ‘big picture’ of the project or background of why and how. The information given was,”Do you want to be involved in a project on improving mathematical learning for Aboriginal students?” And I replied “yes” and so I did...

Good News Story

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