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Cluster focus

Develop a staged response to up skill teachers to meet the needs and provide programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who are wide ranging in their academic performance

This staged response included:

  1. Enabling student access to mathematics intervention programs
  2. Professional development to develop maths pedagogy
  3. Cultural awareness training for teachers.

This 'staged response' culminated in the Big Day Out, an event that brought together community, students, teachers and many others and held at Worawa College. View the presentation below by Cluster Coordinator Kate Naughtin and Brad Jarro from the Nerang Cluster (includes details from the Nerang Maths and Culture Camp) and the corresponding paper below the presentation.


For more information about the day:

  1. See workshops/lessons from the day
  2. How do we know the day was successful? See the

Why we did it

As Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in our Cluster are wide-ranging in their mathematics performance at school, it was necessary to develop a plan that would support all Indigenous learners and to concentrate on the strengths of these learners.

How we did it

The three areas outlined in our Cluster focus above were put into action.


Through the intervention programs we saw struggling students build skills and confidence. We know that students built relationships with their tutor, they felt more confident and were more willing to join in on discussions in their mathematics class...