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How we did it

The three areas outlined in our Cluster focus above were put into action.

1.  Enabling student access to mathematics intervention programs
To develop the skills of struggling students, we placed low achieving students into QuickSmart Numeracy and then GRIN (Getting Ready In Numeracy).  QuickSmart Numeracy developed automaticity in students' use of the four operations, where as GRIN tutoring worked as a way to give students the ‘heads up’ for their consequent maths class.

View the presentation below by Cluster Coordinator Kate Naughtin and Critical Friend Professor Peter Sullivan.

Click below to for the corresponding paper by Kate and Peter about the mathematics intervention program (GRIN) that sets up students before the lesson rather than tries to "catch them up" after the lesson.

2.  Professional development to develop maths pedagogy
Through maths professional development teachers supported struggling students in the mainstream classroom through; the explicit teaching of mathematical language, using narrative and making the learning intentions explicit. All students were supported by open-ended questions and problem solving which were key features of the mathematics professional development.

View the video below to see 'learning intentions' in action.


3.  Cultural awareness training for teachers
Professional development then extended to Cultural Awareness training for teachers and using context-based Indigenous perspectives to teach maths. This was all bought together in an excursion where Aboriginal Elders, community members, teachers and students participated in activities that connected Aboriginal culture and mathematics.

View the video below to listen to teachers talk about the cultural awareness trainig with their critical friend, Dr Andrew Peters.