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How we did it

With the foundations grounded in Dr Tyson Yunkaporta’s research into the 8ways of Aboriginal Learning - and aligned to the NSW Mathematics syllabus, numeracy continuum and Quality Teaching Framework -  the school designed their own culturally responsive maths units based on 8ways of Aborignal learning and their own Learning Map.

A variety of assessment tools have been incorporated into the project to allow for evidence based and objective evaluations. Community have been engaged along the journey with regular Community meetings explaining the 8ways and community input into:

  • the cultural aspects of the units of learning
  • the artistic representation of our Learning Map by local Aboriginal artist Frank McLeod
  • using a variety of ways to communicate to our community from yarn ups to Aboriginal newsletters
  • the community design of an Aboriginal garden as a land link
  • our Aboriginal Education Officer
  • building a close relationship with the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group.

Through the 8ways, OPS found ways to engage meaningfully with the Aboriginal community and constructed an effective approach to teaching and learning. OPS has worked with local community members to organise Aboriginal Ways of Learning into a dynamic learning circle to inform thier curriculum planning.

"8ways gives a meta-language to talk about pedagogy in maths. It focuses teachers’ thinking on what they’re doing, how they doing it, why they’re doing and why it’s important for Aboriginal learners."







The 8ways learning cycle or map designed from the 8ways of Aboriginal learning pedagogy framework.

Diagram: The Orange PS 8ways (or 9ways) - Yuranha Winhanganha: Growing Knowledge - were developed from the 8 Aboriginal Ways of Learning into "a dynamic learning circle" for teaching mathematics.


About the learning map

The Learning Map, "Yuranha Winhanganha" is made up of 8 + 1 parts. Click on the links below to find out more about each of these parts to the teaching and learning cycle.


Learning map

Model work - deconstruct


Different ways

Assessment - reconstruct

Symbols and images

Land links

Community links