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Dani discusses her professional development in Make it Count

Educator story

Danielle Upton
Hebersham Primary School
Dharug Cluster

Dani Upton has been a primary school teacher for the past eight years. She has spent much of her career teaching in the suburbs of Western Sydney and currently teaches at Hebersham PS in Mt Druitt. Dani has been a part of the Make it Count project for the past three years where she has focused her own professional development around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners in K-2.

Through my involvement in the Make it Count project I have learned, and continue to learn, so much about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island students and the ways they learn most effectively. My lesson planning, teaching, choice and use of resources, professional development and so much more, has changed during my participation in this project that I am unable to sum it all up in one brief story. For this reason, I have chosen to write my story about my own professional development and how this has affected the way I teach Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners...


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Dani Discusses Her Professional Development In Make It Count

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