&. Others

Standard 7: Others

Engage with Indigenous parents, families and community in two-way dialogue: be a listener, be a learner, be an advocate, be a sharer of knowledge.

Each of the Cluster Findings has examples of Cluster people 'in action' - such as teacher stories - which bring the Cluster Findings to life. A PDF of each story can also be downloaded.

Cluster finding 7.1: Parents

Consider Indigenous parents’ own experiences in schooling and in learning mathematics, and build their confidence to talk positively with their children about mathematics reconciling past experiences with current aspirations.

Cluster finding 7.2: Families

Work with Indigenous education officers as they can be critical to building strong connections, resilience and trust between schools and their communities and families. Ensure they have a central role in curriculum development.

Cluster finding 7.3: Beliefs

Challenge commonly held beliefs about mathematics as following a curriculum, or as culture-free. Promote mathematics as a living human endeavour that is part of the fabric of everyday life.

Cluster finding 7.4: Opportunities

Provide the community with opportunities to have voice and ownership and make decisions about curriculum to ensure that learning experiences have family and community significance.