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Unit D3: Metalanguage and Thinking Mat

Early Years–Primary Years  Number and Algebra, Doonside PS, Dharug Cluster

The lesson plan for this unit of learning can be downloaded below.  It demonstrates the use of a ‘Thinking mat’ to deconstruct a word problem.  The appropriate use of Metalanguage in Numeracy is not a stand alone; it is used throughout the lesson, and modelled by the teacher as part of the expectation that the students will use the language to describe how they are solving a word problem.

Click to download Unit D3: Metalanguage and Thinking Mat (DOCX 129kB).

Resources for this unit:

1. (Kindergarten/Prep/Reception–Year 2
2. (Year 3-6)
Factor tree

From the Metalanguage Booklets (no. 7 above)