3. Plan

Standard 3: Plan

Plan for and implement responsive mathematics pedagogy for Indigenous learners that is culturally, academically and socially inclusive: be intentional, be responsive, be effective. All students will benefit.

Each of the Cluster Findings below has examples of Cluster people 'in action' - such as teacher stories - which bring the Cluster Findings to life. A PDF of each story can also be downloaded.

Cluster finding 3.11: Represent

Encourage learners to represent their learning and thinking in a range of formats (e.g. verbally, physically, symbolically and with technology and not just pencil and paper).

Cluster finding 3.12: Passion

Stimulate a passion for mathematics in teachers by finding intersections with other fields of knowledge (e.g. the arts).

Cluster 3.13: All benefit

Recognise that the most effective practices for Indigenous students are also of benefit to all students; so avoid segregation of mathematics curriculum.